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Female Inclusive Leadership Initiative (Liderke.ba) works, nurtures, coaches, supports women and girls from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also from abroad on their leadership journeys, while addressing the issues and challenges they face so they could develop their capacities and be more effective and impactful in their roles, careers, and different sectors and industries they occupy. We empower girls and women to create powerful and lasting legacies in politics, business, communities and non-profit sector, at the different stages of their career.

We seek to deliver different leadership development programs and workshops so they can learn leadership concepts and theories that they can apply in their leadership practice, but also to develop strong bonds and networks with other female leaders for a sustainable and successful leadership practice.

Nurture your aspirations. Enhance your abilities. Increase your skills. Improve your knowledge. Create powerful legacies.


Female Inclusive Leadership Initiative (Liderke.ba) is a Bosnian-based initiative that believes female local frontrunners should be visible locally, but also connected and inspired by global leaders and initiatives that are successfully dealing with the multifaceted challenges of this century.

Female Inclusive Leadership Initiative provides a transformative experience that equips women with leadership competencies and skills through the couching and mentoring approach, cultivates a spirit of collaboration, and elevates the power of women’s voices. Liderke.ba promotes and enables increasing gender diversity in the public sphere, corporate boards and in the executive suite through advocating, educating and connecting accomplished leaders.


Female Inclusive Leadership Initiative aspires to a world in which women’s leadership is realized to be essential in every thriving community and strives for achieving gender parity in executive suites, political life, public sphere and boardrooms.

Our vision is to be the leading platform, preferred coaching and mentoring practice and advisory service provider in Bosnia and Herzegovina that facilitates the cultivation and embedment of a coaching and mentoring culture for women in leadership in organizations, business and enterprises, political space and communities.

TILN: Transatlantic Inclusion Leadership Network

Female Inclusive Leadership Initiative – Liderke.ba is supported by the German Marshall Fund of the United States. Liderke.ba is a part of Transatlantic Inclusion Leadership Network

(link: https://www.gmfus.org/transatlantic-leadership-initiatives/transatlantic-inclusion-leaders-network)

TILN is a highly innovative transatlantic network of young diverse elected leaders, with select civil society and business leaders who collaborate, peer mentor and educate each other in the work of advancing inclusive policies and strengthening social cohesion. TILN alumni are advancing to higher office including the European Parliament and U.S. Congress, among other roles. The TILN network currently numbers approximately 200 members and also features dedicated coaches and partners. Through TILN, GMF provides a unique opportunity to meet 21st century leadership requirements in response to rapid demographic change on both sides of the Atlantic.

The ninth TILN workshop will convene in Brussels, Belgium, June 21-27, 2020.


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